Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac (Kris Kross)

Hip-hop since the has been a great place for experimentation, in music as well as in style. We count down the ten most fashionable moments in.

Kriss Kross

Chloë Sevigny Designs for the Cool Girl Who's (Mostly) All Grown Up

Chris Kelly of Kris Kross RIP

kris kross is wiggity wiggity wiggity back yep chris mac daddy kelly .

You remember Kris Kross. They'll make you jump. Old school from the 90's when I was a lil' kid.

What Kris Kross Look Like Today

Kriss kross

Kriss Kross at the height of their popularity Ernie Paniccioli

They'd be expelled if they actually wore this in Durham

Kriss Kross Repped Your Team: A Totally Krossed Out Look Back at The Group's Sports Fashion