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Kreg Screw Selector Wheel SSW

The Screw Selector Wheel makes it easier than ever to build projects with Kreg Joinery™. Just dial in the thickness of each piece to be joined—whether those thicknesses are the same or different—and t


At first glance, a Kreg Screw might not look much different from other wood screws. But don’t be fooled: There’s a lot of serious engineering built into them. Compare a Kreg® Screw to an ordinary wood screw or a drywall screw (which many use as a general-purpose screw for building), and you can see that the Kreg Screw has unique features that those other screws don’t. Every one of those features is there to ensure that you get the best results possible.


Kreg pocket-hole screws are available in coarse-thread and fine-thread. Which you should choose depends on the type of wood you are using. Pictured above is a quick guide.


Easiest Way to Fix a Stripped Pocket Hole [VIDEO]

Over tightening pocket screws or removing a pocket screw and then trying to reattach it can strip the pocket hole. This is the easiest way to fix a stripped pocket hole!


Kreg® offers a complete line of pocket-hole screws for every workpiece thickness and type. Here is a handy chart to help you select the correct screw length for your projects.


The all-new Kreg Screw Organizer offers a great way to store Kreg Screws in a compact, easy-to-carry, easy-to-store package. The Screw Organizer is also a perfect companion to the Kreg System Organizer, making it easy to create a coordinated, stackable organizing system for Kreg Screws and an entire Kreg Joinery System.