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Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

Blue Lotus Benefits, Side-effects & How to Use?

Medical Marijuana - I am unsure if these numbers are accurate, however I am aware that the side effects of medical marijuana are far less than those of many prescription meds. People need the ability to decide if this is the right medicine for them.. if it is effective and safe for their needs


Kratom Side Effects can occur if you do not use this herb properly. What are the negative short-term and long-term effects on health and how to avoid them?


Benefits of Kava Kava. I've tried every prescription for anxiety and insomnia, and after two years with the side effects nearly fatal...I decided to stop...kava is the only thing that relieves both with no side effects for me. I should have stuck to what I know...don't stray away from your roots n culture. Modern meds is not always better for you!


Curbing the Side Effects of Kratom