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Krak des Chevaliers in Syria (loosely translated as The Fortress of Knights). And, this castle is considered to be one of the most important medieval military castles in the world. It played a tremendous part in the crusades and the original fortress was built in 1031. It played a role in the First Crusade, was captured, and a century later it was the headquarters of the Knights Hospitaller. Saladin attempted (unsuccessfully) to capture it in 1188 by laying siege to it.


Krak des Chevaliers (Syria). Although Krak never belonged to the Templars, it is one of the best preserved crusader castles, and gives an idea of the overwhelming size and power of crusader fortifications (mid-1100s).


The deadly assault on Jacob’s Ford was launched at dawn, on Thursday 29 August 1179. The leader of the attack was the the Muslim warrior Saladin, b.1137?-d.1193 (known as Salah ad-Din in Arabic), the Sultan of Egypt and history’s great opponent of the Crusaders Destruction at Jacob’s Ford