Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Game! My First Love of Gaming Geekery. Greatest game of all time!!!

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The Old Republic - Rise of an Empire by KPants on deviantART (Someone should make this movie!!!!)

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Kreia is very very rare older female character who is actually playable (she is also blind). She was once a Jedi Master but turns out to be evil and the main villain called "Darth Traya" in the 2005 Xbox/PC game "Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords".

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the sith code - Google Search what I love about both the Jedi and Sith is how the Jedi represent the ultimate loyalty even giving up their families, love, and try to not rely on emotions while the Sith are the ultimate form of freedom

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Not just any sith. That is Darth Revan, the Sith Lord, it was through his teachings the rule of two was created

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