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Bullfrog tadpoles are great pond fish for your water garden. They are great algae eaters and will help to keep your pond free of algae. They will grow to large bullfrogs that will eat bugs in and around your pond. Sunland water gardens has a great selection of pond fish and aquatic plants. Everything for your pond. If you have any questions and for more information on ponds, pond supplies and bullfrog tadpoles call Sunland Water gardens at 818 3535131


Tips to Make Ornamental Fish Pond - Detect a fish pond in the garden as a best way to bring cold air in the residential area. Does not need much money to the “home” of the animals as from the water. Sound of water, the house and yard was bare and cold cooler. Moreover, if a fish pond has been a pretty color. Your tiredness will disappear immediately. Water is considered as elements of peace and tranquility. Water can also be a reason, and the treatment of the soul.