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Mortality by Clark North Skull w/ Koi Fish Tattoo Canvas Art Print

HYLOMORPHISM [noun] (Greek ὑλο- hylo-, “wood, matter” + -morphism < Greek μορφή, morphē, “form”) a philosophical theory developed by Aristotle, which analyses substance into matter and form. Substances are conceived of as compounds of form and matter.

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Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning—Color, Direction, and More

The koi fish has profound meaning, according to Japanese legend. This meaning can vary depending on the fish’s orientation and color. Learn about the symbolism of the koi fish.

love the meaning behind it - Think about the Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy, which states that opposite forces are often interconnected. In suffering, you can find great strength, in heartbreak you can find resilience, and in loss you can find a renewed appreciation for life.