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Knucklehead Movie Poster – 0 2 Knuckelhead Movie Poster – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingRaw numbers don't tell the whole story. The only reason Belize has a high crime rate is that there's one area of Belize City where one group of knuckleheads likes to attack another group of knuckleheads.

Dennis Farina -- (2/29/1944-7/22/2013). American Actor of Film & Television/Former Chicago Police Officer. He portrayed Lt. Mike Torello on TV Series "Crime Story", Victor Pellet on "In-Laws", Detective Joe Fontana on "Law & Order". Movies -- "Manhunter" as Jack Crawford, "Midnight Run" as Jimmy Serrano, "Another Stakeout" as Brian O'Hara, "Knucklehead" as Memphis Earl and "You Kill Me" as Edward O'Leary. Host of "Unsolved Mysteries". He died of a Blood Clot in the Lung, age 69.