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Knee Implants

Knee Replacement: Exercise is the Key to Successful Healing


ConforMIS Announces Sale of Over 50,000 Customized Knee Implants -

The Zimmer knee implants are used in knee replacement surgeries to give patients relief from problems of knee joints. Zimmer offers a minimally invasive solution through many Zimmer knee components. They have been developed as per requirements for minimally invasive surgery. Zimmer MIS Solutions are designed to facilitate implantation through a smaller incision so that muscles and tendons around the knee are not damaged.


Generally most knee implants allow you to bend your knee upto 120-135 degrees. The high flexion knee is designed to give you 155 degrees of bending. Read our high flex total knee replacement surgery guide and get complete information on this.


ConforMIS Announces Clinical Study iTotal CR Customized Implants better approximate knee motion compared to Off-the-Shelf Total Knee Implant -

Knee Implants: Customized, Personalized & Specialized Options


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The Gender specific knee replacement is meant to improve overall function after a knee replacement in Indian women. Till now Indian surgeons used knee implants that were designed on the average measurements of knee sizes of men & women. The Gender specific or Woman special knee is the only knee implant specifically designed for women.


Types of Total Knee Implants