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Will do this with my first graders. What a great way to remember the true meaning of Christmas using symbols we always associate with Christmas.

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New job.

"So, do monsters get assigned a bed first or a person first?""what are you talking about?" "I mean, this is a bed store. Are there monsters under all of these beds or do they only stay under a bed that belongs to a person." " do realize that the last guard is in the hospital because he got almost scared to death right?" "Oh good! They like to play pranks then. It's a good thing I brought my bag. Frank, the monster under my bed, helped me put this kit together. I especially like to…

I'm kind of not for that to and kit together. I mean they are really cute but.... TIBERIUS BLACKTHORNE IS MINE!!

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Sir Save-a-lot - Assemblage Art Robot/Kight Scuplture

This mighty little metal knight is named Sir Save-a-lot. Hes an assemblage art sculpture I made from recycled materials including: • vintage First Aid Kit • vintage faucet handle • toy bank parts • pool ball • gelatin molds • car battery tester parts • forks Ready to charge into action, Sir Save-a-lot is sworn to offer his unique brand of first aid to all those in need. Mostly that means standing and posing daily and knightly (hes a sculpture not an active avenger, after all). 11 x 8 x 6…

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What Is Needed For Your Hurricane and Natural Disaster Emergency Kit With A Preparedness Checklist

Be prepared for the hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and floods! What is needed to be prepared! From our past experience with Hurricane Ike, it is a known fact a well put together preparedness kit can mean survival or not to survive such a storm or natural disaster of any nature.

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