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Kit Harington Wife

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Your Hot Game of Thrones Crush Kit Harington Says Nudity Is "Only Right"

Have you ever wondered what kind of body Jon Snow (aka Kit Harington) has been hiding underneath all of those furs on Game of Thrones? Well, the answer is a rock-hard six-pack. In the teaser trailer for Harington's new movie, Pompeii, Harington plays a


He stuck his head out of the train car, trying to see if he could spot her again. The train started moving. Slowly at first, then faster. He frantically scanned the bustling crowd in the station, he just wanted one last glance at her before he left for what may be forever. He almost gave up, when he finally saw her. She had stood up on top of a pile of baggage and was waving frantically at him. She was short, but he could see her. With a smile, he waved back and mouthed "I love you". She…