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25 Epic Teen Makeouts, In Honor Of Valentine's Day

this movie Mortal Instruments has my favorite makeout scene I WILL FOREVER BE ALONE I HATE VALENTINES DAY

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10 wahnsinnige Küsse, die jede Frau UNBEDINGT erlebt haben muss!

Wenn es eine Sache im Leben gibt, von der wir gar nicht genug bekommen können, dann ist es das KÜSSEN!

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When four and tris kissed << when I watched the day of the doctor and when Simmons admitted she had feelings for fitz :D

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A Breakdown Of The Sexiest Parts Of The Human Body

Reece and Chase "Don't ever do that again." I nodded and cried into Chase's shoulder

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85 Types of Kisses Everyone Should Experience at Least Once

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North & South. Mr. Thornton & Margaret kiss (GIF). (On a completely unrelated note, Richard Armitage has one of the nicest jawlines I've ever seen.)

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