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Open RP, ELIMINATIONS:: The royal family stands lined up on the raised area where the thrones are. The selected are all lined up in front or the stairs, fidgeting nervously. A camera crew points there instruments of mass media at us all. "Welcome," announces the king, " To the eliminations!"

Double container in shape of double cartouche from tomb of Tutankhamun Double container-gold with inlays of carnelian and colored glass takes the form of two cartouches shaped elements mounted on a flat base of silver. Sun disks flanked by ostrich plumes that signify ma'at the proper order of the universe top each container. Each of the four cartouches thus created contains decoration with cryptographic writings of the king's throne name Nebkheperure. | Located in: Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

Edward III (1312–1377) king of England from 1327 on the deposition of his father, Edward II. His claim in 1340 to the throne of France led to the Hundred Years’ War. A member of the Plantagenet dynasty. Wood engraving c1900. ©akg-images / IAM