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Kindergarten Addition Timed Tests- Assess mastery of addition facts from 0-5. Includes a speed test for each set of facts as well as speed drills for all addition facts learned up to a certain point.

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Kindergarten Screening Test for Students Entering Kindergarten

Kindergarten Screening Test for Incoming Kindergarteners. Give this test so you know the academic levels of students before the first day of school.

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7 Free Assessment Resources for Pre-K to 1st Grade

7 free resources to help you take an informative and fun assessment on students Pre-K to 1st grade. Perfect for homeschool or summer supplemental learning.

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Sample Patrice question for the Stanford-Binet® - 5 test, level Pre-K through Kindergarten . The Stanford-Binet® - 5 test is an IQ test.

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Valentines & Kinder DIBELS Freebies

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Kindergarten Customizable Baseline Assessment (RTI & Progress Monitoring)

Kindergarten Customizable Baseline Assessment good for whole class, RTI, & progress monitoring. Plus forms to track growth for the entire year. The data collected is great for report cards, parent-teacher conferences, special education meetings, IEP meetings and more. Editable tracker to help meet your specific needs

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January Homework Practice for AIMSWEB or DIBELS

$ January homework for students struggling with AIMSWEB. This is the kindergarten practice paper. It includes LNF, LSF, PSF, NWF, NI, OF, MN, and QD. This product includes papers with and without the dates. The dates will be changed each year.

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Kindergarten Timed Add/Subtraction Test

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