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Why I Took My Behavior Chart Off My Wall

Great free parent note to let parents know how students did that day in school! Free from Simply Kinder!

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Inspired by Kindergarten: Behavior's what I'm going to try! Freebie Pack (has the whole brain teaching rules included)

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Why I Took My Behavior Chart Off My Wall

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Behavior Management- In the description Caitlin mentions having "set times" of day to look for good behavior. I know I don't give the kids I sub for enough opportunity to move up the ladder. Creating a routine of LOOKING to reward should help me as a teacher.

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Aloha Kindergarten!: Behavior Plan. good choices/bad choices handout to aid in discussion with a student if he/she has a bad day.

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Behavior Charts RoundUP

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This form is used in a kindergarten classroom to notify parents of how students behaved each day of the week. It is sent home on a daily basis and...

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