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There is no reason to cut into the factory wiring harness and risk problems down the road. This easy to install system comes with everything needed. Even comes


AQUAQUB7200 - Kill Switch Servo Horn. Kill Switch Servo Horn

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Google and Microsoft have agreed to incorporate kill-switch technology into their mobile operating systems in an upcoming update, according to a new report. The New York State Attorney General this week released a review of its Secure Our Smartphone (S.O.S.) initiative, which it kicked off last year with San Francisco and London officials in order to cut down on mobile device theft.

The party never met Bob Vairys, the wizard who hired several adventurers to steal an amulet for Hamun Kost. When Bob found out the amulet was destroyed and his hired thugs killed, he switched to another identity, destroyed as much evidence as he could, and left Neverwinter. (Neutral NPC, status unknown)


California smartphone kill switch bill signed starts - Californians can now look forward to a reduction in smartphone-related theft. On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation mandating that all smartphones sold in the state