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Fun Indoor Party Games That Will Have Your Guests Talking

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Winter Games

Tape plastic cups to the edge of the table. Give each player a pile of "snowballs" (white ping pong balls) and an empty paper towel roll. Race to see how many snowballs each player can blow across the table and into the cup.

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15 Minute to Win It Party Games

Small Transfer - Use straws to suck up the air to pick up mini marshmallows and transfer them to a bowl. “Minute to Win It” Party Games,,

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Holiday Party Games for All Ages and all Under $5

scoop up the colored balls from one bucket with serving spoons and race across the room to drop them in another bucked

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5 fun indoor balloon party games

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Follow This Great Article About Hobbies To Help You

This looks too funny. Would have to have multiple hose for the tennis balls though. All those heads in one stocking - ugh!!

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musical hearts: reading, moving, & crazy-fun kid game

movement activity to develop large motor skills while listening to music, the child will walk around the hearts until the music stops.

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