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10 Must-Have Ingredients To Help With Your Kids Cough | Growing Up Herbal | Kids get coughs... it's that simple. Here are 10 ingredients to keep on hand to help calm their coughs naturally.

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Kids' coughs: How to tell when it's serious

Asthma and Asthma Attacks Center: Symptoms, Causes, Tests, and Treatments. The prevalence of “asthma” has increased significantly now days. “Asthma” is an inflammatory disorder of airways, characterized by reversible airflow obstruction and bronchospasm.

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How To Make An Onion Poultice For Kids

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The home remedy for kids' coughs

Don't give over-the-counter cough and cold meds to kids under 4. They aren't safe and may not even be effective. Try THESE alternatives instead...


Why kids younger than 12 don't need OTC cough and cold remedies