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pancreas kidney spleen 3d model - from turbo squid

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Creatinine, a type of molecular waste found in the blood, is created by muscle metabolism. It comes from the molecule creatine, which helps build muscle mass. Creatinine is filtered from the blood by the kidneys and expelled from the body in urine. However, people with kidney impairment sometimes cannot properly filter out creatinine. A high blood creatinine level is an indicator that a person may have a kidney problem.

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A large solid mass lesion is seen replacing left kidney, with left renal vein and IVC invasion, with tumour thrombus extending into right hear chambers. RCC would be the most likely in an adult patient. Renal tumours can be broadly divided into primary and secondary (metastatic), benign and malignant and, into adult and paediatric tumours. Read more:

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Creatinine Serum creatinine levels provide a more sensitive measure of renal damage than do blood urea nitrogen levels. Creatinine is a nonprotein end product of creatinine metabolism that appears in serum and amounts proportional to the body’s muscle mass.

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Kidney pain diagnosis and facts. kidney stone Guy passed this weekend

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