Kid Icarus 3DS

Kid Icarus 3DS

39.99 at Amazon. I never got to play the original one. I hear the controls on it were impossible. I hear this one is better.

On my 'To Buy' list - Kid Icarus Uprising - Nintendo

SSB. I love that this made Kid Icarus come back. I never heard of the series until I got Brawl and wondered where the heck Pit was from.

SSB 4 this game is awesome :)

Adorable Pit chibi from Kid Icarus: Uprising!  Watch out for Dark Pit!

Adorable Pit chibi from Kid Icarus: Uprising! - Can you find Dark Pit

If you've got a 3DS, give this game a try! The controls take some getting used to, I will say that, but you'll love them once you get used to them (Also, the options menu is your friend. Go nuts with the control settings and sensitivity settings!) I love this game!

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Kid Icarus Uprising Decrypted Rom speaks to another begin for an overlooked saint from a time long past, and stamps yet another huge turning point in the life of the

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This is the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game for the Wii U and the Nintendo At last, a new trailer has been revealed at 2014 and the great Goddes. for Nintendo / Wii U