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Pan-Islam in British Indian Politics: A Study of the Khilafat Movement, 1918 ... - M. Naeem Qureshi - Google Books


Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar, was an Indian Muslim leader, activist, scholar, journalist and poet, and was among the leading figures of the Khilafat Movement, a pan-Islamic, political protest campaign launched by Muslims in British India to influence the British government and to protect the Ottoman Empire during the aftermath of World War I.


Political career While dividing his time between law and poetry, Iqbal had remained active in the Muslim League. He supported Indian involvement in World War I, as well as the Khilafat movement and remained in close touch with Muslim political leaders such as Maulana Mohammad Aliand Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He was a critic of the mainstream Indian National Congress, which he regarded as dominated by Hindus and was disappointed with the League when during the 1920s, it was absorbed in factional…


The dental school was named after Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, born in 1888, in Mecca, educated in Calcutta, adopted the pen name "Azad" to signify his freedom from traditional ways. He actively participated in "Khilafat Movement" and later got associated with Mahatma Gandhi to participate in the "Salt Satyagraha" and "Non-Cooperation Movement". Maulana Azad served as the First Minister of Education in Independent India from year 1957, till his death in August, 1958. He's honored with Bharat…


The site where the epic court case was conducted in which the British tried to convict Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar for impunity as a backlash for his Khilafat Movement. Guhlam Hosain Kaliqdina Hall & Liabrary.


14 National Hero Maulana Shaukat Ali Maulana Shaukat Ali was an Indian Muslim nationalist and leader of the Khilafat movement. He was the brother of Maulana Mohammad Ali. #BataDoSabKo #GeoaurJeenayDo #HarPal #Geo #Pakistanzindabad #14aug

Mohammad Ali Jouhar (10 December 1878 – 4 January 1931) was an Indian Muslim leader, activist, scholar, journalist and poet, and was among the leading figures of the Khilafat Movement.


Living up to a name | Jawahar is Arabic for jewel. Nehru shares his name with Gandhi’s comrade in the Khilafat movement, Mohammad Ali Jauhar, after whom Mumbai’s Mohammad Ali Road is named

When the icons adorned cover of safety match boxes - Gandhi, Mohun Bagan, Khilafat Movement, Howrah Bridge, Mother India, Dancing Girl... I wonder how it would have sounded to ask " Ek Howrah bridge dena, or for that matter " Ek Dream girls dena"