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Kevin Hart Funny Face

me during algebra 1cuz I never paid attention cuz I already knee everything

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Or an intruder. I literally got up and locked my bedroom door today, because I thought I heard something. It was the middle of the day, I live in a town that has zero crime rate and I knew the chain was on the door. I'm a scardy cat what can I say haha

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When She Catch You Talking In Church

Not just my mother, anyone's mother, the Deacon's wives, or any adult that caught us talking or chewing gum in the Sanctuary. Lol

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Don't tickle.. Nate! - NBA Memes -

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kevin hart quotes | Kevin-Hart-Instagram-Rolling-Out-Joi-Pearson10.jpg

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Kevin hart. That face you make when you try to hold the door for one person and ten people walk through

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Seriously hate that. I feel so mad inside I seriously do that face.

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Kevin Hart Quotes | "When I text someone in the same room as me, I stare at them until they get me." - Kevin Hart

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Funny Thursday memes Lighthearted chuckles ahead PMSLweb

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Most funny face swap of all timeSwagLordChris5670 -

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Patient tells you nothing is bothering them Dr walks in, patient is in severe pain | kevin hart playoffs

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