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Kennewick Man

Kennewick Man; Kennewick Manis the name for the remains of a prehistoric man found near Kennewick, Washington. The Kennewick coroner, decided the bones were ancient but might not be Native American. Archaeologist explained them as "Caucasoid". The final date indicated an age of 9,000 years, making Kennewick Man one of the oldest and most complete skeletons found in the Americas' resembled South Asians and the Ainu people of northeast Asia'


Nearly two decades ago, two young men stumbled across a human skull in the Columbian River at Kennewick, Washington.  The discovery ended up being one of the biggest archaeological finds of a gen


An analysis of the remains of the 9,500-year-old Kennewick Man has revealed that he was not from the Columbia Valley, as previously thought. Isotopes in the bones told scientists Kennewick Man was a hunter of marine mammals, such as seals. Owsley said. “They are not what you would expect for someone from the Columbia Valley. You would have to eat salmon 24 hours a day and you would not reach these values. This is a man from the coast, not a man from here. I think he is a coastal man.”


The Kennewick Man Finally Freed to Share His Secrets

Photos of the Ainu people of Japan, thought to be among his closest living relatives, were inspiration for Kennewick Man’s reconstruction.


Mystery Of 'Kennewick Man' Skeleton May Soon Be Solved

Mystery Of Ancient Kennewick Man Skeleton May Soon Be Solved, 9500 yr. old skeleton found in Washington


New DNA Results Show Kennewick Man Was Native American


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DNA says 8,500-year-old 'Kennewick Man' closely related to Native Americans

Ancient Skeleton_This July 24, 1997 file photo shows a plastic casting nof the skull from the bones known as Kennewick Man in Richland, Wash. The ancient skeleton, found nearly 20 years ago in a river in Washington, is related to Native Americans, says a DNA study published Thursday, June 18, 2015. The finding could help resolve a long-running dispute over its ancestry and custody.


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