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May 25, 1999 – The last photos

The last known photos of John Kennedy, Jr, and wife Carolyn Bessette, before their tragic death in a plane crash off Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

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JFK Jr (38)carrying his wife Carolyn(33) and her sister Lauren Bessette(34) all died in the plane crash into the ocean in July 16,1999.

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Caroline Bessette Kennedy - married to John F. Kennedy, Jr. R.I.P. - She had fabulous style. she looks alot like gwynnie here. wierd, i hear she was not very nice to people, dunno, good source but she looks sweet maybe she wasnt into the media thing. poor thing.

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JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette's wedding day. Less than three years later they were both dead, along with her sister Lauren, in a fateful plane crash near Martha’s Vineyard.

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10 years ago, an awful wake-up call

*...Such of Kind!...Humble!..Lovely!...Handsome Man!..."Beautiful Lights"...Shinning!!!..."From his Spirit".~*~.

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