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Kennebec Potatoes. The Kennebec is a big, hefty potato with a rich, earthy and nutty flavor. The flesh of the Kennebec potato is firm and moist, yet starchy, making it a versatile potato in the kitchen. Its thin. slightly rough skin is creamy white and tan and its flesh is soft ivory in color. While Kennebec potatoes are most widely utilized for frying (they make wonderful chips & french fries!), they are an outstanding all-purpose potato.

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HD Container Grown Potato Harvest (Kennebec Whites)

Dates for When to Plant a Vegetable Garden

The difference between seed potatoes and potato seeds is more than just word order. Most gardeners and commercial farmers grow potato crops by planting whole or cut-up seed potatoes, since new plants ...

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Pulled Pork Poutine for après snowshoeing! Double fried Kennebec potatoes homemade pulled pork cheese curds sautéed onions and dressed up packet gravy. [Homemade] #TimBeta