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BDTN.: Ken Livingstone is right Israel is an apartheid state and are war criminals


Mayoral hustings: Boris Johnson vows to re-enter GLA in Stonewall index, Ken Livingstone quotes Muhammed’s sermon of tolerance


Blair's sister-in-law raises cash for terrorists' families

London Mayor Ken Livingstone with Britain's Prime Minister's wife Cherie Booth's half-sister Lauren at the Tate Modern in London Monday July 3 2000

10th anniversary of 7/7 London bombings, Britain - 07 Jul 2015 Ken Livingstone attends a service at ... - Andrew Parsons/REX Shutterstock/Rex Images

So what was Ken Livingstone referring to when he talked about the agreement between Zionists and Nazis in the 1930s? It was the Haavara Agreement brokered between the Third Reich and Zionists to end the international embargo on German products.