Continuando com minha série sobre os princípios da luz na fotografia e no cinema, após o Post LUZ E COR, este post é relacionado com a temperatura da cor. No século 19 o cientista e físico escocês Sir William Thomson Baron Kelvin (Lord Kelvin) criou uma forma de medir os

Fotográfica e no Cinema: A Temperatura da Cor

Setting the white balance on my camera - this could change a lot if I actually learn it!

Color by Kelvin: a better approach to white balance

Once you go Kelvin you never go back (White Balance)

Custom White Balance with Kelvin

"kelvin temps cheat sheet - feel so dumb for not knowing this scale yet. maybe now I can finally start nailing white balance!

Colour temperature is an important aspect of photography and is something we get a lot of questions about. So when we found this info graphic with a good visualisation of colour temperature we thought it might be useful to share it. Read more on the topic below where we’ve linked to a few tutorials on …

Colour Temperature Scale: Visualised

How do you get great color in your photos? Here's a handy Color Temperature Reference Chart for Photographers and article on White Balance and Color by Kelvin.

Color by Kelvin: a better approach to white balance

ur knowledge of the lighting scenario and the way it would match up to the WB chart? Or you’re in a lighting situation with which you are ve

Kelvin Temperature Scale and white balance tutorial

Strategic White Balance

A colour temperature chart shows the colour of light, measured in degrees kelvin. It can help you to determine the right white balance setting; for example is best used for photos in fluorescent light.


temperatura de color Arificial light sources, correlate Color Temperature (Kelvin) of - Simulated with Autodesk studio Max Design by Luca Rostellato simulation of