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Trump Discusses New Hampshire Primary and His Path to GOP Nomination

Officer Keith Perry helped prepare a homeless woman for Monday's storm, buying her groceries and helping her get to a hotel.

Florida rep Keith Perry caught slapping a man in the neck

Gainesville Police are recommending that State Rep. Keith Perry should be charged with battery and trespassing after video emerged of him hitting a local man in an argument about his campaign sign.

ust another friendly WolfPack reminder that "cardio" is NOT synonymous with running. Sledge hammer smashing is a great way to improve the performance of your heart and lungs while shredding body fat and avoiding some of the high-impact injuries that can occur with chronic distance running. Furthermore, sledge hammer smashing can be a great way to release some stress. Like WolfPack trainer Keith Perry reminds us, "that tire does not have feelings." So hit it hard and hit with intensity…

Faith in Humanity Restored | Officer Perry “After coming to the aid of a woman who fainted in Walmart tonight, Officer Keith Perry of Seekonk Police Department in Massachusetts discovered that the woman was homeless and hadn’t eaten in quite some time. He then took it upon himself to buy her some groceries and helped her get to a hotel room to ride out the snow storm.”


30 Photos To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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We Can't Stop: My "Jam I thought wouldn't be a jam but is addicting flow so it has became my Jam," Jam!