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air disasters | Forty-seven people were killed in the Kegworth Air Disaster in 1989


1989 ♦ January 8 – British Midland Flight 92, a Boeing 737, crashes near Kegworth, Leicestershire, United Kingdom, after one of its engines loses a fan blade and fails. Of the 118 passengers and 8 crew, 79 survive. The incident became known as the Kegworth air disaster and is the first loss of a Boeing 737-400.

air disasters | ... :Site of Kegworth aeroplane disaster -

1996 Mt. Everest Disaster bodies | Seriously, Somebody Clean Up All These Mt. Everest Dead Bodies

December 21, 1988: Pan Am Flight 103 was destroyed by a bomb killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew members. Large sections of the plane crashed into Lockerbie, Scotland, killing an additional 11 people on the ground.


spree killer Robert Dale Segee 14 y/o  Killed 167, injured 700+ Robert Dale Segee, a serial arsonist, confessed to the crime while being investigated for other arson crimes. He was sentenced to 40 years for the other arson crimes , but was never charged with the Hartford Circus Fire