Best Day Hikes In Kauai, Hawaii

Best Day Hikes In Kauai, Hawaii

Let us show you our favorite day hikes in Kauai. It is the most unspoilt of the Hawaiian islands and we explored such unforgettable places and hidden beauties there!

If you want to take a memorable hike while in #Kauai, try one of these two hikes along the Na Pali Coast. #Hawaii #travel

Two Epic Hikes Along Kauai's Na Pali Coast

For a memorable hike in Kauai, try one of these two trails along the Na Pali Coast. You'll definitely find adventure in Hawaii with these hikes.

5 must-see waterfalls on Kauai.  A few favs that don't require a lot of hiking!

Waterfalls on Kauai are as plentiful as sand on the beach. Check off our list of the best waterfalls to visit on Kauai. Some hiking required!

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The Best Kauai Hiking Adventures

K so here's the story: I don't do the whole hiking thing. Sooooo I ATV'd up to a look out to see NaPali coast. I still have red dirt on my sneakers -Leilani

Kauai Hiking Maps - Kuilau Ridge Trail

Detailed Kauai hiking trail maps that will guide you to each Kauai trail head and provide you a general idea of where each hiking trail is…