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World's scariest airport runways: Would YOU want to land here?

Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong: With a perilous runway that jutted out into the sea, and an alarmingly steep descent through skyscrapers

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HKG Approach - Looks almost like a Biblical Apocalypse scene. Parents of friends have told me about this old airport. It was in the middle of the city!

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Photos: Boeing 747-430 | ✈ Follow civil aviation on AerialTimes. Visit our boards on or like us on

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Kai Tak - A Japan Air Lines Boeing 747-400 headed for the old crowded international airport of Hong Kong, China. This airport has since been replaced by an airport built on reclaimed land - similar concept as Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan

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One of the most beautiful sights at Kai Tak -- Air France's retired Concorde makes an elegant takeoff.

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