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Muslims invading Canada. Wake up Canadians!

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READ THIS! It will floor you!! He will bring in 50,000 muslims a year....

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Trudeau the wrecking ball of a Once great COUNTRY! LET'S TAKE IT BACK 2019

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Trudeau says Omar Khadr should be treated like "'any Canadian." That's Omar Khadr - the convicted terrorist who went to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Omar Khadr, who threw a grenade and killed a U.S. Army medic. Omar Khadr, who pleaded guilty to murder and terrorism as part of a plea deal in 2010 for his war crimes. Trudeau thinks this sick freak should be treated like you or I. He's clearly trolling for the Muslim votes. Can you say OBAMA???

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You can thank useful idiot Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Canada’s version of Angela Merkel, for demanding a virtual media blackout on Muslim terrorism incidents, ESPECIALLY by newly-arrived…[CANADA: Muslim refugees getting pepper-sprayed got three days of TV News headlines while Muslim refugees shooting up a Calgary nightclub got virtually no coverage].... WHEN THESE GOVERNMENT LEADERS SAY (AND THEY ALL DO) "THIS ISN'T WHO WE ARE? " - WHO THE HELL IS 'WE'? *JUST ASKING*

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Canada's PM Justin Trudeau - he's our useful idiot - He sent a 'tough message' to Israel as a 'good friend' like his islamic 5th columnists told him to. (1/25/16)

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Justin Trudeau sold out his countrymen for the muslim vote

Justin Trudeau To Convert To Islam (Muslim) | The Global Sun