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Justin Trudeau Age

Say Bonjour to This Justin Trudeau Paper Doll

New York Magazine just published a Justin Trudeau Paper Doll graphic that ridicules and patronizes not just Trudeau himself, but Canada.

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Share if you agree: "The goal is not just to get rid of the Conservatives. The goal is to give Canadians a better government."- @Justin Trudeau, #Cdnpoli

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Justin Trudeau ~ lowering age of anal sex for those pediphiles, legalizing beastiality (for all those Canadians who LOVE their pets), allowing abortions up until BIRTH day, letting Canadian vets sleep on the streets in Toronto while bringing in hoards of refugees, loving Fidel Castro, spending New Years with the leader of the Muslims, loving China, putting us into so much debt in one year, we will not get out of it until 2050!!! Get rid of him...hey, I can tell you alot more but no more…

Justin Trudeau delivers the eulogy at his father Pierre Trudeau's funeral. From the CBC Digital Archives | #Cdnpoli

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5. 6 Reasons Why Justin Trudeau Is Not His Father Soon after JT took his seat upon the (rather dilapidated) throne of the Liberal Party of Canada, our man Jay Scott took it upon himself to remind Canadians (particularly those of a certain age) that, despite genetics, the two Trudeaus just can’t be fairly compared. One brought home the constitution, gave his enemies the finger, and was all-around awesome. The other? We’ll let you read for yourself.

Canada isn’t projected to run balanced budget until 2050 -