will you maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaryyyyy meheeee ~ Miss Bieber

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Can't help it, the Biebs makes some good music, with Usher his mentor. He also looks too much like Stefan from The Vampire Diaries. How can you hate him then?!

I don't really understand why people hate this kid so much, he is pretty good lookin, and he is really talented. Jealous fucks are the only haters.

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I'm actually starting to like Justin's new hair color at first I didn't really like it but I love it maybe its the way he's rocking the color with his outfits but idk it kinda makes him look like a bad ass but a sexy one.

Justin Bieber / Джастин Бибер

Justin Bieber as Danger in the Danger series by jileyyoverboard 🚬