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I don't wanna live in Sweden anymore I don't want her to have the power of my life .

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Check out the best examples of the Nic Cage "You Don't Say" meme in this funny gallery!

OC first time Meme by *orpheelin on deviantART

I've done a meme !I would like to see your original characters "first times". OC first time Meme

top 10 grumpy cat memes-- hahahah! Grumpy cat and I see eye to eye, I actually say something just  like this every year on my birthday.

Top 10 Grumpy Cat Memes in 2014

Grumpy cat's Fifty Shades of Go Away is the only acceptable Fifty Shades. Cat meme Shades of Grey

When I'm pushed far enough...just saying

When I'm pushed far enough...just saying