Jupiter Cake Tutorial, you could do this for a science project and then after wards everyone eats it!

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Jupiter cake. Certainly one of our kids would love this for a planetarium birthday party.

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astronomically delicious. created by self-taught chef Rhiannon from Cakecrumbs, these spherical cakes are scientifically accurate representations of the subsurface on Jupiter and Earth, right from the outer atmosphere down through the crust, mantle, and inner core. To see how they did it, watch the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBFU23OPaHs)

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Jupiter Structural Layer Cake - amazing! » This is FANFREAKINGTASTIC! This goes onto the must-make list!

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Cakecrumbs' Jupiter Structural Layer Cake - oh, how I love a nerdy cake! Cake depicting the layers of Jupiter! The center (mudcake) is the theoretical rock/ice core, then comes the (almond butter) layer of liquid metallic hydrogen, and finally the (colored vanilla) liquid molecular hydrogen.

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