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Jummah Mubarak :) #jummah #islam #prayer

April 1 2016 in Tokyo Alhamdulillah! Today was my very first time to join Jummah prayer. Feeling blessed that Allah provides me time to visit Tokyo Camii and pray together with lots of brothers and sisters from around the world. I learn so many things every time I come here precious community indeed for me as revert Muslimah in Japan. Jummah Mubarak! Blog: Snapchat: muslimahtokyo #japanesemuslim #thenewmuslim #islam #muslim #muslimah #alhamdulillah #dawah #revert…


It's the 2nd #jummah of this beautiful month of #Ramadan. Do Prayer for yourself and others around you. #JummahMubarak #Blessings #Prayers

Beautiful Islamic Jummah Mubarak Images with Quotes and Wishes. Asalam-o-alikum jummah Mubarak to All of you. well every muslim knows about jummah and blessings of Allah subhana wa' ta'alaSubhana on friday upon us. but for my brothers from other religions i will give to short intro. Jummah (Arabic: جمعة‎) (also known as Friday prayer) is a congregational prayer (salaat) that Muslims hold every Friday around noontime. It is mentioned in the Qur'an as: "O you who believe! when the call is made…

"Since birth, I have been staying with my mother and grandparents who were Christians up until when I was 13. During that time, I hated everything to do with Islam. Then my dad took me in for few weeks. With my dad, I said my Shahada but still I didn't want to wear the hijjab. During Fridays, I felt ashamed to wear hijjab when going for jummah prayers. I woudl hide it in my bag and wear it at the door step of the mosque.