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The White flag of the French monarchy transformed into the Tricolore as a result of the July Revolution painting by Léon Cogniet (1830).

The June Rebellion, or the Paris Uprising of 1832 (French: Insurrection républicaine à Paris en juin 1832), was an unsuccessful, anti-monarchist insurrection of Parisian republicans from June 5 to June 6, 1832. The rebellion originated in an attempt of the republicans to reverse the establishment in 1830 of the July Monarchy of Louis-Philippe,


king farouk. King farouk the first son of king Fouad and from Mohamed ali familly he left Egypt after the 23d of July revolution then egypt turned from kingdom to republic


Faisal II was the last King of Iraq. He reigned from 4 April 1939 until July 1958, when he was murdered during the 14 July Revolution together with numerous members of his family.


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Column in middle of Place de la Bastille, erected in honor of July Revolution of 1830.