Crystal 3, 2010, collaged digital photograph, Julie Cockburn

'Julie Cockburn' Julie is a photographer that loves to mess around with portrait faces by cutting and creating a pattern around the faces of portraits, its not something that interests me

Daydreamer 2, 2011, collaged found photograph, Julie Cockburn

A Psychologist's Journey to Life: Day Psychopathology, the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Dynamics of Behavioral Control

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Julie Cockburn's Surreal Altered Photographs

This image is called 'The maths lesson' and was created by Julie Cockburn, this photograph was part of an exhibition in April and May This was created by collages and cut out's.

Julie Cockburn's embellishment of found paintings and photographs

Incognito, 2009 (Found photograph, found plastic game parts) (c) Julie Cockburn

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Julie Cockburn's Surreal Altered Photographs

photographie et broderie par Julie Cockburn

Photographie et broderie par Julie Cockburn

Aqa, Julie, Embroidery Art, Mix Media, Minimalism, Geometry, Collages, Angles, Contemporary Art

Julie Cockburn This work seems to have been influenced by an artist who also explored collage, John Baldessari, who used circles over people's faces to distort and remove them from their natural context.

Julie Cockburn: fotografías y bordado

Reusing vintage photographs in art is a time honored tradition, but there’s something striking about Julie Cockburn’s quirky embroidered portraits. The London-based artist embellishes the old.

Mr Optimistic, 2014, Julie Cockburn.

A stitch in time: the dream-like world of embroidered vintage photography

Julie Cockburn takes studio portraits from the past, obliterates the faces with embroidery – and injects them with new life. Sean O’Hagan meets her

'Tattoo Face, 2010' by Julie Cockburn - embroidery on found photograph

'Tattoo Face, by Julie Cockburn - embroidery on found photograph