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Think I read every Judy Blume book I could get my hands on. LOVED HER.. Are you there god it's me margaret? was my favorite :)

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1980s Vintage Judy Blume book Deenie paperback young adult teen books coming of age censorship

Deenie-1973 Beautiful Deenie, who everyone says should be a model, is stuck wearing a brace from her neck to her hips. What will her friends think?

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While I'm pretty sure this book was written before the 90's, I remember reading it in the 90's and seeing this cover brings back so many memories!

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I'm pretty sure every girl reads this book at some point- I am going to bring it out for my grade 4 daughter soon

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i can't stress enough to other writers, you must read your work aloud! it might sound good inside your head, but once you read it out and hear how the words string together, you'll probably realize, like i did, that it doesn't sound so good at all.

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Forever... by Judy Blume - everyone in my 7th grade class read this one over and over. We learned a lot!

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The audio books of these are great to listen to for the whole family. We laughed our way through the entire series. We listened to them,then my kids wanted to read them. We've read all of her books,pretty much all of them are a thumbs up. It is written from a 4th graders point of view and Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing is the first in the series.

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In the Unlikely Event: A Novel by Judy Blume

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