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Joyce Johnson, Kerouac’s lover for a time, was working on her first novel, Come and Join the Dance (Atheneum, 1962) when she met him. Her vivid and insightful memoir, Minor Characters (Houghton & Mifflin, 1983) depicts Beat generation life in full color. She describes the decisions she and her peers made at the time this way: “We were very young and we were in over our heads. But we knew we had done something brave, practically historic. We were the ones who dared to leave home.”

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Missing Men Author: Joyce Johnson Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics) Publication Date: July 5, 2005 Genre: Biographies And Memories Design Info: Designer: Joe Montgomery Photographer: Nonstock Photographer: Andre Thijssen Typefaces: Trade Gothic Century

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Joyce Johnson. why don't they make cars this nice anymore? i'm glad they got away from pointy bras, though :P

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Meryl Streep-beautiful- age 63 Joyce Johnson via ML Girten onto New aging fiercefabulousflawless.tumblr.com

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THE VOICE IS ALL by Joyce Johnson

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