Liberal Idiot Award: What did Joy Behar say in response to Mitt Romney's calls for less government? "I'd like to see his [Romney's] house burn" REPIN if you agree that Joy is an idiot. Some people should just keep their mouths shut!!! (from Doms Sis)

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Looking for the official Joy Behar Twitter account? Joy Behar is now on!

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Joy Behar, Say Anything! An example of someone who appears to appreciate different opinions. As long as they're all the same as hers.

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Joy Behar Reveals She Was Almost Fired From The View, Mocks Jenny McCarthy

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Joy Behar, who enraged nurses (including Bachelor winner Nikki Ferrell) after her recent controversial comments on The View, has apologized; However, the backlash continues with several big-name advertisers pulling ads

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Anderson Cooper :)

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