Aw Josh Dun why do you make my heart melt ❤❤❤ wuv you baby

Joshua William Dun what do you think you're doing get down from there immediately before you hurt yourself. << let Josh climb. He's probably jealous that Tyler gets to do it all the time

i was calling this person an idiot and then i realized it was josh dun and now im like omg hes so cute an brave lol

{Josh Dun} Hi I'm Josh Dun! I'm the drummer for Twenty One Pilots! I'm 24 and single! I smile a lot and I luv to laugh! Come say hi!! I'm from the future!!! -Josh

Deep thoughts by Josh lol Josh dun twenty one pilots skeleton clique stay alive

joshua dun a.k.a the cutest person on the planet :^)

His eyes are doing the little squinty squint awe I love this GIF