I could stare at this photo all day of Josh Turner

A great pic of Josh Turner. His voice is how I imagine Jack's from my novel Jack & Diane.

Josh Turner ---<3<3<3<3 My favorite, favorite, absolute FAVORITE country singer!!

On April Ayla will open up for one of her all-time favorite country music singers, Josh Turner, at the American Music Theatre in Lancaster, PA. “I have been obsessed with Josh Turner…

"Would You Go with Me" is our song!

In Josh Turner released Long Black Train, and he hasn't looked back at the songs behind him since.

Josh Turner Introduces Son Samuel Hawke

Josh Turner Introduces Son Samuel Hawke

Would You Go With Me- Josh Turner

One of my favorite moments ever. when Dano played this to me before we were even Husband and Wife.Would you go with me- Josh Turner