Josh Stewart, who plays Awesome New Orleans Detective Dude on Criminal Minds! (Okay, that's not what they really call

Josh Stewart in Premiere Screening Of Overture Films' "Law Abiding Citizen" - Arrivals

ALWAYS had a crush on this cat! Just wish he was in more films and tv shows. Actor Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart--- plays will (jj's husband) on criminal minds I love some of that ASAP

And this is William LaMontagne, Jr.  You're welcome :)

Josh Stewart plays William 'Will' LaMontagne, Jr. He is hot

Josh Stewart's voice is not as deep. But I do love his blue eyes though.

The Dark Knight Rises. . . And So Does Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart. That damn southern accent he pulled on Criminal Minds had me in love.

Josh Stewart-J J's Husband on Criminal Minds

The wedding of JJ (AJ Cook) and Will (Josh Stewart) on "Criminal Minds" (2012).

The wedding of JJ (AJ Cook) and Will (Josh Stewart) on "Criminal Minds" Love the show, love the cast, love that my daughter is the female Spencer Reid.

Detective William LaMontague, Jr.  played by Josh Stewart in Criminal Minds-  he can rock my boat any time :)

William LaMontagne, Jr.

My beautiful Joshua! Josh Stewart in No Ordinary Family

Josh Stewart - Detective Will Lamontaine - Criminal Minds

Josh Stewart, in criminal minds de man van JJ.

Josh Stewart- Oh my gosh I love him!

Josh Stewart ("The Collector," "The Collection," "Criminal Minds," "The Dark Knight Rises," "No Ordinary Family," "Third Watch")

Josh Stewart- Third Watch, Criminal Minds, The Collector, Law Abiding Citizen, The Dark Knight Rises