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Beyaz Saray Sözcüsü Earnestten Trump açıklaması : Beyaz Saray Sözcüsü Josh Earnest 2008 ve 2012de Obamaya oy verip 2016da Trump için oy kullananlar olduğunu ve buna bir açıklamasının bulunmadığını söyledi #Dünya #Trump #Beyaz #Earnest #açıklaması #Saray

White House opposes Trump's tweet on flag burning, citing constitution – video

White House spokesman Josh Earnest weighs in on a tweet from President-elect Donald Trump that said burning the US flag should be punishable as a crime

Trump meets with Obama at the White House as whirlwind transition starts, president obama, donald trump, 2016 campaign, white house, meeting, josh earnest

OOPSIE! Josh Earnest claims Obama sending no ‘delegation’ to Castro funeral, Reuters reports OTHERWISE

Nov. 9th Josh Earnest, U.S. Press Secretary, was asked if Barack Obama planned 2 give Hillary Clinton a pardon. Earnest’s response: “maybe”.

VIDEO : Clueless Josh Earnest Says Trump Has to “Work Hard” to beat Obama on JOBS – TruthFeed

Oh, what a tangled and pathetic web they weave when they practice to deceive. Here's White House press secretary Josh Earnest, hard at work on Twitter tonight, trying to spin the Washington Post's ...

Behind the Lens: A Trip Across the Pond

President Barack Obama meets with, from right, Charles Kupchan, Susan Rice and Josh Earnest at Schloss Herrenhausen. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

President Obama has not changed his view that President-elect Donald Trump is uniquely unqualified to hold the office of the presidency, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Thursday. The president's views haven't changed. He stands by the argument he made on the campaign trail, Earnest told reporters Thursday. Earnest said Obama had the opportunity to make his argument against Trump on the campaign trail, and that voters made their decision regardless. The president didn't get to choose…