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Joseph Brant, painted in London by Gilbert Stuart in 1786. - Thayendanegea alias Joseph Brant (1742 - Burlington 1807) était un chef de guerre des amérindiens Mohawk qui a combattu la France puis les États-Unis d’Amérique durant leur guerre d’indépendance. ... Il va à l’école dans le Connecticut et visite l’Angleterre. ll est l'une des quatorze personnalités commémorées par le Monument aux Valeureux à Ottawa (Ontario). Il était franc-maçon. Wikipedia

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A 1776 portrait of Joseph Brant by leading court painter George Romney. - Born Thayendanegea, March 1743, Ohio Country somewhere along the Cuyahoga River. Died November 24, 1807 (aged 64) present day Burlington, Ontario. Nationality: Mohawk. Religion: Anglican. Children: John Brant. Relatives: Molly Brant, William Johnson. Wikipedia

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Joseph Brant painting by George Romney 1776 - American Revolutionary War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Joseph Brant (1742-1807) Mohawk Indian war chief, who supported the British in the American War for Independence. His Indian name was Thayendanegea. He was a convert to Christianity; remained loyal to the king. Brant led warriors against towns and villages held by rebels; the Cherry Valloey massacre in New York, in 1778, was the most notorious, when he temporarily lost control of the Seneca warriors under his command. Brant's loyalty was rewarded by a land grant to the Mohawk nation in…

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1830's lithograph based on the last portrait of Joseph Brant, an 1806 oil on canvas painting by Ezra Ames. - Wikipedia

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Walter led his loyalist troops along with 30 Indians led by Joseph Brant on Cherry Valley in New York. The Indians horrified the colonists b...Read more at!

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