Dance champion! LOL

Dance champion! LOL

Dancing legend! LOL

Dancing legend! LOL

Please Use This Song (Jon Lajoie) - YouTube (Note: Includes one scene of graphic violence.)

Please Use This Song, Comedian Jon Lajoie's Musical Plea to Get His Song Used in a Commercial

Jon Lajoies Kickstarter - awesome subversion of our fav crowd-sourcing platform

Comedian Jon Lajoie Launches a Fake Kickstarter Campaign to Become Super Rich

I Can Dance (Jon Lajoie)

I CAN DANCE-Jon Lajoie (this guy is hilarious.has lots videos out.but many are very naughty.

Jon Lajoie - Vaginal Hubris (This is in Jon Lajoie as well(twss), but it also belongs here)

DVD Extra From Disc 2 of Season 1 Of The League! The Full Version of 'Vaginal Hubris' by Jon Lajoie.

The Prank War (Jon Lajoie)

The Prank War by Jon Lajoie [my love]