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GUYS - PW did a cover reveal thing for PAX. It's a great great book & I get to draw foxes. …

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Jon Klassen's We Found a Hat cover reveal and interview

Jon Klassen has completed his ‘hat’ trilogy with We Found a Hat - featuring tortoises! Admire the cover and read our Q+A with him to discover the appeal of hats - and tortoises

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Jon Klassen: Positive and negative flat elements that overlap each other. Dirty textures and desaturated colors in a lot of nuances. Lots of layers put on top of each other. Apparently chaotic at a first glance, with richness of shapes, sizes and textures. Important things are not hidden behind other things. Really nice environment piece for the eyes to explore its details.

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Six of the best picture books

Jon Klassen; Jon Klassen Nationalité : canadienne. Biographie Jon Klassen est un jeune auteur-illustrateur canadien qui vit à Los Angeles. Il est dessinateur dans le monde de l'animation pour les studios dreamworks. Il a déjà écrit et illustré quelques albums pour la jeunesse. 'je veux mon chapeau' et 'ce n'est pas mon chapeau'

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