C'mon people...get your bully breeds right! When I walk Lucy, my American bulldog, people always ask if she's a pitty. No. No she is not.

Misconception of the Breeds

Bully breeds are not just an American pitbull terrier ; I have an American Pit bull and an American Staffordshire! ❤ then with all my heart!

Johnson American Bulldogs | American bulldog Johnson type

American Bulldog - Bully Type These dogs descended from the original Bulldog, and were preserved by working class immigrants who brought their working dogs with them to the American South from England.

Johnson American Bulldogs | Opinions on American Bulldogs.

[image] Owned a working line german shepherd from age greatest fucking dog ever, so smart, a clown at times and fearless protector, loved me more than anything. shepherds are friendly but aloof. loved to be near m…